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8 Tips for Finding Cheap Leasing

nicad 18/08/2021 639

8 Tips for Finding Cheap Leasing

Before buying the vehicle: find the best contract with the best provider

Compare the different leasing offers

The price of a leasing contract can vary from one dealership to another. other, from one agent to another. Therefore, it is advisable to pay attention to the prices offered by different leasing companies. You can do price estimates on the internet or prefer to visit the leasing company on site to see the prices offered by the agency.

Finding Inexpensive Car Models

Some models are very inexpensive and can get you cars for $ 100 per month! These are small city cars: Opel Adam, Opel Corsa, Renault Zoé, Ford Fiesta, Volkswagen Polo… or the affordable Dacia range: Dacia Logan, Dacia Sandero.You can also find a Dacia Sandero from used or a used Renault Zoe on our site.

Provide an initial contribution

LOA without contribution are found to be more expensive in the long term for the tenant. Conversely, if you carry out an LOA with a large initial contribution, the price of the monthly payments will be reduced. Take this factor into account before you want to get a low monthly car at any cost. Calculate the cost of the leasing contract with a large initial contribution and without an initial contribution.

When signing the contract: be clear with yourself on what you want

When you arrive at the agency to sign the leasing contract, you must have a clear idea the type of contract for which you wish to subscribe (LOA or LLD) and the price you wish to pay.

Limit yourself to options

Before opting for any leasing whatsoever, define with precision the options that you think are essential on your vehicle. Delete any that are not. Avoid opting for plans that will charge you for options you don't really need.

Defining good mileage

Mileage is a key part of the price of the lease contract. Knowing how to evaluate with certainty the annual mileage carried out allows you to be more true to yourself and to lower the price of your contract. However, be careful not to underestimate the mileage of your car. You will then have to pay penalties…

Eliminate maintenance not necessary for the proper functioning of the vehicle

Leasing agencies regularly offer you a maintenance panel to be carried out with the leasing contract. Know how to eliminate the interviews that do not seem necessary to you in order to reach a fairer price.

Negotiating the price

We often forget it, but we can negotiate the price of a car even under a leasing contract! You will certainly have less margin than for a price negotiation for the purchase of a car on Bon Coin, because these are professionals. But, nothing prevents you from trying.

Opting for a leasing transfer

Leasing transfer allows you to obtain a lease for a shortened period of time. You do not have to make any contribution at the start of the contract, you take over the contract with the conditions for which it was signed. To find out more: Leasing transfer: how does it work? ?

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