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5 tips for selling your car on LPG well

nicad 05/09/2021 1069

5 tips for selling your car on LPG well

1. Preparing for a sale:

The first thing to do to sell a car is to prepare for the sale. For this you need to gather all the documents relating to your automobile. Check that your technical inspection was carried out less than 6 months ago, if your car is more than 4 years old. Also check that your maintenance log is up to date. Then, collect all the invoices you have related to the maintenance of your vehicle. A good maintenance record is essential for selling a car; it helps reassure the buyer about the vehicle's past. The majority of buyers are not connoisseurs of mechanics, they do not buy a car for pleasure but for need. So they will only rely on the maintenance and the physical appearance of the car.

2. Preparing the vehicle for sale:

The majority of buyers will therefore, in addition to maintenance, rely on the appearance of the vehicle. It is therefore essential to present a car that is clean inside and out and tidy to a potential buyer. A dirty car is a sign, for a buyer, of a poorly maintained vehicle, which has not received the necessary care.

For a buyer, the appearance of the car reflects his past but also his mechanical condition. The goal is not to make up your car but to make it as presentable as possible to put all the chances in your favor. Cars running on LPG require additional maintenance, so the buyer is likely to flee at the slightest hint of lack of maintenance.

3. Prove the approval of its LPG system:

There are two different types of LPG cars: cars fitted right out of the factories and petrol cars to which an LPG kit has been added subsequently .

The homologation check is similar for both types of vehicles.

For a vehicle fitted out of the factory, check the certificate of sale. For a car equipped after it has been put into service, check the installation invoice and in particular that this preparation has been carried out by an approved professional.

For both types of vehicles, it must be mentioned on the gray card, at the location of the fuel: petrol / gas or E / G. This proves that the system has been legally added to the car. However, the checks do not stop there, all vehicles running on LPG over 4 years old must carry out a special technical check. Vehicles running on this natural gas must also check their system every 8 years. These tests check the tank pressure, its condition and also the condition of the safety valve.

If you sell your automobile, you must present proof that these checks have been carried out and that your vehicle has a system in good condition. Otherwise, it will be difficult or even impossible for you to sell your vehicle or at least at a fair price.

4. Choosing the right price:

To sell a gasoline, diesel, electric or LPG car, one of the key elements is the selling price. Unfortunately for you, cars running on natural gas do not hold up, they lose much more value than the rest of the fleet. You must therefore look at the cars equipped with an LPG kit currently on sale in the classifieds and then adjust the price according to these references. You can also have your vehicle estimated by a professional!

Adjust your price according to three main criteria: engine power, mileage, and finish. If you want to have an attractive price, you have to place your car slightly below average. This allows you to make a sale quickly and at a fair price, which can be summed up as a quality sale.

5. You can also choose ease and security:

The last tip is simply to go through a professional.

You have two different choices. The first is to resell your vehicle at your dealership. If you bought a Dacia Sandero GPL for example, the easiest way is to have it taken over by Dacia. Other brands of dealers can also take it back from you just as they would take back a classic car. It’s an efficient way to sell your vehicle. However, these professionals often buy your car from you at a very low price because their commission is very high due to high fixed costs. This solution is therefore effective but not very profitable.

The other alternative is to go through another type of professional such as trusted intermediaries. Simple, fast and honest, they will sell your car in a month at market price. They offer a turnkey solution, from the sale to finding a buyer, while taking care of the administrative part related to the sale of the vehicle.

Sell your car with Kyump / Capcar Vous want to sell your car running on LPG easily, efficiently and at a fair price? Trust Kyump / Capcar, we will come to your place to check your car for two hours. We put it up for sale and find a buyer in 2-3 weeks on average. We also take care of guaranteeing payment for total security for you seller!

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