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Pouzzolane, pierre de Volvic, corne d’Aubrac : à Clermont-Ferrand, cet artisan lunetier n’est jamais à court d

Le monde automobile 24/11/2021 72

On Monday, July 5, Norberto Fernandes, an optician and optician in Clermont-Ferrand, will receive the "Boss Seed" public award in the entrepreneurial competition from the Met. This honor recognizes the work of craftsmen who are passionate about their profession.

Inexhaustible. This is what Norberto Fernandes looks like, he really likes his work. He was established for 2 years in the Glacière district of Clermont-Ferrand. He is an optician, but most importantly an eyeglass craftsman. He explained to us all the nuances: "We have to separate these two occupations. These are related but different occupations. The optician is a vision expert. He will buy the frames and adjust the glasses after the eye exam. He is a professional Salesman. Optical craftsman is a step forward. In 13 years, when I sold glasses, I didn’t know what I was talking about. I wanted to study things more deeply, I realized design, hand-made, and adhere to my values. It Make my work more meaningful. I love what I do. I create the framework completely with the client. It takes a lot of time because I create everything from A to Z. So far, I have made about 200 pairs Custom shoes".

Store opened 2 years ago

The 36-year-old entrepreneur had a rich career before founding himself. He said: "I'm from Clermont-Ferrand. I studied there. In Vichy, I took my BTS with me. As an employee, I worked as an optician for 13 years. 2 years ago, I decided I opened my small shop in La Glacière near me. I participated in glasses craft training, such as the Meilleur Ouvrier de France school in Moretz, a small village in the Jura. I went to Paris and found Le Petit Lunetier artisans. I often go to Oyonnax in Ain for training with my mentors, designers and artisan manufacturers."

Demanding job

The creation of the framework requires a lot of expertise. It takes many hours of work: "For pure creation, it takes 10 to 15 hours: there are drawings and the prototype looks like reality. I made an appointment with the client. We took time to reflect together. We tried to create the framework the client wanted. It provides a lot of work. Each frame is a new adventure with the client. Every time it is like a new board. With an Auvergne leather case made in Thiers, a complete creative frame costs 369 Euros." The craftsman did not expect to open his shop outside of La Glacière, rather than in the very center of the Auvergne capital: "I want to move to La Glacière. I think it is necessary. I want to feel the side of this village, there is The small shop of an optical craftsman 50 years ago. There are real, old-fashioned relationships between people. I have always lived there. I go to high school by bus and I always tell myself that when I started doing optics, One day I will settle down there, in this place. We remodeled this shop with a group of friends. It provides a real side."

Collaborators around him

In his shop, Noberto now has several employees. He smiled and said: "As the boss said, I have collaborators. I have an employee from Nimes, and he signed a permanent contract. I just hired an apprentice at BTS to take charge of the optics part. A freelancer worked together and he helped me make glasses. I also made friends from Clermont-Ferrand’s work as a self-employed person.”

Short circuit and innovation

Never lacking in creativity, this young entrepreneur likes to short-circuit. He said: "I am also very focused on innovation by using materials from my area. I am working with a stonemason. There are two Aubrac horns that are drying in my garden. I try to use 50% Aubrac horns and biological sources. I prefer short circuits and I want to highlight Auvergne products. I inlay in volcanic ash and Volvic stones as needed. I am currently working on rubber. I also make buffalo horns, which are very high-end."

The winner of the contest

On Monday, July 5th, he will receive the "Boss Seed" public award in the entrepreneurial competition at Polydome. He emphasized: "It is gratifying. I am proud to receive this award, especially because it comes from the public. It makes me want to go further. But it is not easy. I work 7 days a week. I and any entrepreneur The same has gone through a difficult period. Last year, I have won the Trophée des entreprises de La Montagne from La Montagne. These are the prices we have maintained for life. I won two, which is great. Two years later, what happened to us It’s already great. What I like most is the connection with our customers. We have created an incredible relationship. Every time, we have real conversations and meetings. The medical aspects of eye exams also fascinate me. I really do I like to create something that doesn't exist, the whole design part."Norberto is already working on new projects and new collaborations. He concluded: "My brain is working every day, always at work, I try to find someone to guide me and deal with everything I hate, such as files." Therefore, on Monday, the craftsman will charge his price, but the next day will be in his studio to study drawings or ideas of the original materials to be processed.

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