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Leasing: which car insurance to choose?

Le monde automobile 12/08/2021 246

Leasing: which car insurance to choose?

What type of insurance to choose?

When establishing a leasing contract, you will have to choose insurance, the one and only condition being of course to be insured for your car. Third party insurance is the minimum type of insurance you can opt for, you also have options for theft and fire, for example.

Quite often the leasing company will ask you to take out a maximum insurance contract: comprehensive insurance.

This insurance reimburses all damage caused during an incident of any type. With this type of insurance, you are fully indemnified even if you are the author of the claims. It is the most expensive insurance but it is also the one that offers the highest level of guarantees. It is insurance that helps protect the value of your car. However, in the case of cars under a leasing contract, these are often recent or even new models, still little used and therefore have a significant residual value on the market.

Leasing companies will therefore want to insure the blow (and the cost!) by asking you to justify quality insurance.

Can you choose your insurer yourself ?

Often, the tenant has the choice between several types of contract when carrying out the leasing (LOA or LLD). The leasing company can, however, impose some type of insurance on it (generally all-risk insurance, to limit the risk of a damaged and unrepaired car in the event of a claim). The tenant will have to submit to this and will have to pay higher monthly insurance payments, at least more than if they had negotiated a contract excluding unnecessary options or reducing their guarantees.

To find the auto insurance that has the best quality / price ratio, you can compare different companies, on the criteria and options that you think are essential to be well insured!

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