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Leasing VS Buying a car: which is the most profitable?

Le monde automobile 14/08/2021 248

Leasing VS Buying a car: which is the most profitable?

Use of the Leasing contract

In a leasing contract (LLD or LOA), the motorist is the renter of the car. He pays rent to his fundraising agency to use the vehicle. He can also subscribe for additional options, so as not to have to take care of the maintenance of his vehicle for example.

For a leasing contract, the motorist must generally opt for comprehensive insurance. Thus, in the event of an incident, all damage is paid for by insurance. But that implies a higher insurance price for the motorist.

The lessee is responsible for routine vehicle maintenance: gasoline, tire change, etc. In the event of a breakdown or major problem, the company can take charge of the incident but everything is done on a case-by-case basis. It depends on the nature of the malfunction: whether the problem is related to normal wear and tear of the vehicle or not. But it also and above all depends on the type of contract for which the tenant has subscribed.

Leasing companies offer different types of services: financial rent, maintenance rent, replacement rent… Only the rental contract. maintenance allows the motorist to come back to the leasing company in the event of a problem with the vehicle. Otherwise, the motorist finds himself in the same situation as the owner and must go to a garage, so be careful to pay attention to the type of contract you are signing for when leasing, where you risk to have surprises.

Advantages Price price of the car softens, to be paid in several installmentsInitial contribution to be made you are not the owner of the car: liability waived in the event of problems options: service or maintenance

Buying a car: a long-term investment

When buying a car, the full amount has to be paid, which of course requires a significant investment . A motorist may choose to finance their vehicle with a lease if they do not have sufficient cash.

The motorist is then the full owner of the vehicle. He is responsible for all the administrative part when buying the car (registration card request to be made).

He must regularly check that the car is in good working order, take it to the garage for overhauls if necessary and carry out the technical check every two years.

This requires a more assiduous follow-up than the follow-up carried out for a car under a leasing contract. Responsibility is not involved in the same way.

Advantages Disadvantages No monthly payment: the car is bought once and for all (except in the case of leasing) High car price Possibility of keeping the car in the long term if it is well maintained Regular maintenance to be carried out by yourself or at a garage No limitation in terms of mileage Technical Check every two years

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