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Is it possible to obtain a LOA without a permanent contract?

Le monde automobile 15/08/2021 228

Is it possible to obtain a LOA without a permanent contract?

The conditions for taking out an LOA

To take out an LOA, financial institutions will ask you for a certain number of documents to be provided in order to constitute your leasing file. Here they are:

A copy of your identity document Your bank statement Proof of address Your last 3 payslips Your last tax notice

Know that if you are over-indebted and you have outstanding payments , you will automatically be refused to contract an LOA or another rental. Understand that financial institutions are reluctant to this kind of profile.

How to obtain a leasing without CDI?

Being on a permanent contract reassures the lender because it is the assurance of a salary paid each month and therefore the possibility of repaying the rent for the rental of the vehicle. If you are currently on a fixed-term contract, then your work will end at a predefined date and listed in your contract, then you will have a chance of being refused by the banks. You should know that on average, the duration of an LOA is 3 years and the CDD, for its part, lasts 18 to 24 months maximum. The CDD is therefore shorter than the leasing.

However, it is not impossible to be able to obtain an LOA because in certain cases, alternatives exist.

The solutions which are 'offer to you

Fixed-term contracts or persons on their own account have the possibility of accessing this type of formula for a vehicle. Depending on the financial institution, you will be directly refused or you will be offered alternative solutions such as:

Obtaining an LOA for a shorter period: this offer is available but you must be able to look for the establishment that offers it . Benefit from a co-borrower who will help you validate your file. Recover a leasing contract: this is a transfer of leasing in full contract. You will be able to rent for a short period.

Obtaining a LOA in CDD is therefore not impossible. However, refusal is possible so we advise you to start your research now!

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