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Buy a new car for less than 200 € / month in 2019

Le monde automobile 31/08/2021 230

Buy a new car for less than 200 € / month in 2019

The different types of financing

There are now 3 possibilities to buy a car without paying for it in full directly. First option: conventional credit. It is exactly the same principle as a mortgage. You pay a contribution at the beginning and then a fixed rent each month for a fixed period. You will of course have to pay additional interest, this is the cheapest option. However, it requires more funds to be advanced at the start unlike a Loa. Second option, the Loa or lease with option to buy. This will allow you to rent a car for a long time by paying a fixed rent each month and perhaps a higher rent for the first month. At the end of the rental period, you will have the option of returning the car or buying it. The purchase price is set at the start of the contract. This option is more expensive than a loan, but allows you to advance less money at the beginning, so never to advance if you do not want to keep the vehicle. To finish the LLD, (long-term rental) is a vehicle rental with a fixed rent each month. It is possible to have a contribution to pay at the start of the contract if the fixed rent each month is low compared to the vehicle. With an Lld you do not have the possibility to take the vehicle back afterwards. This is the solution that requires the minimum upfront but will cost you more overall.

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